The Documentary – Behind the Scenes

Follow along as the documentary progresses. Here we’ll be posting behind-the-scenes photos, raw video clips, etc. as they become available. Check back often!

Dear Jack - It Takes a Village - Documentary - Production Begins

Production Begins…

This Photo –  taken May 9, 2019:
Here at Rowayton Seafood, our family restaurant, Mac is setting up for the shoot.

Wilson Performing at Rowayton Seafood Restaurant

This Photo –  taken May 9, 2019:
Here at Rowayton Seafood, my son Wilson is about to preform a few of his new original songs for the guests. Wilson just returned from his interview with Director, Mathew Miele out at one of his favorite spots, Rocky Point on the Long Island Sound. Here he shared his personal account of his life with his younger brother, Jack.

Hanging out after the interviews

This Photo –  taken May 15, 2019:
Few! Interviews over with Jack’s friends and Henry (and violet) South Beach Drive, kitchen table.  The hang out spot.  Thanks guys

Camera Crew

This Photo –  taken May 30, 2019:
Director Mathew Miele and Mac Edgerton, photographer setting up for an interview with Senator Blumenthal of Connecticut.  We need some answers.

Crew on island!

Crew arrives on Martha’s Vineyard
First Stop Michael Blanchard’s new gallery in OB, Crossroads Gallery.  Michael shared his personal story and how photography and this island saved him.  Healing arts, an inspiration to us all.

Up island, first time ever!

Menemsha, Martha’s Vineyard with Sherry Sidoti  peace peace peace

Sherry shares her experience with yoga how the practice provides healing, harmony and balance to her and to all of us.  Goddess, Kali Ma

B Roll. Squibnocket Beach Happy Vineyard!

This crew is in awe of the beauty!

The Beaches are empty, the lighting is perfect and we are at squibby where my family spent many happy summers.  Happy Vineyard

Lucy Vincent Beach June 5, day two

Lucy V as it is lovingly called is all magic.  Jack would sit out on his surfboard to wait for the perfect wave.  I look out to the same spot wondering…

The beach will soon be filled with families enjoying the endless playground of waves.  Water heals.

It’s a wrap!

Great shoot on the island. Thank you to the crew and to our host, Martha.  Lobsters and steamers to complete the vineyard experience.  Off to Boston to interview Dr. Sharon Levy, Director of Adolescent substance use, and Addiction program.  We need more people like Dr. Levy fighting this fight.

Congresswoman, Mary Bono
Alexandria, VA

Thank you Mary for sharing your story and for fighting the good fight.  Saving lives.

Dr. Sharon Levy
Boston Childrens Hospital

Dr. Levy, Director of Adolescent substance use, shares her desire to have more pediatricians become certified to prescribe step down medications like Saboxone and Naloxone.  She feels it is essential to control the cravings from opiates.  We were told that Jack should not use them it was equally addictive.  Well it doesn’t kill you.

Patrick Kennedy

Former US House of Representative from Rhode Island, Patrick Kennedy. Mental health advocate and advocate for combating drug addiction. I asked for an unposed photo, oh well. Thank you Patrick and Kevin Conroy (Jack’s dad) for this amazing interview. Let’s do this and tackle this enormous problem Enough is Enough

Anna Raimondi
Grief counselor and psychic medium

“Our loved ones never leave us”  Thank you Anna for providing me and so many others with so much comfort.

Maia Szalavitz

American reporter and author who focuses on science, public policy and addiction treatment. uses her own story of recovery from heroin and cocaine addiction to explore how re-framing addiction as a developmental disorder could revolutionize prevention, treatment and policy.