Emotion is energy in motion.

Moving energy through us, removing blocks can happen through ancient practices and traditions, but there are many ways. I used a very helpful practice called Intuitive Painting. My experience was with a facilitator who guided our group deeper into ourselves through the colors and shapes we chose to paint. I’m not a painter. It is not painting a picture, but painting feelings.

Using fat brushes, thin brushes and my favorite, an old credit card to move paint around the page. The thick paper holds a lot of paint. The painter can layer and layer feelings and then in many cases, remove the paint to find what is underneath.

Creative alchemist, Melissa D’Antoni from Fire Tree Studios, posted this…


Melissa facilitates energy release through painting. Trauma remains in the body, down to the cell level and if not released will cause physical and emotional pain. Emotion is energy in motion. Movement in the body causes shifts in the energy and the trapped, stagnant energy can find an outlet to release.

In the yoga science, these trapped energies are called Samscaras (sounds like some scars) and unless released, somatic symptoms will appear. Samscaras can remain in any or all of the layers of the body. They can be passed on generationally.

Koshas are the layers in the body, in yoga science. The physical body or annamaya kosha (Annamaya means “food” and maya means “made of.”) is the first. There are the obvious parts to the physical body, organs, bones and skin. But it is also the food you eat and the company you keep, the music you listen to, and the physical shapes experienced practicing yoga. There are five koshas, or layers to the body. I will add them in the blogs as we go.

This is self-care. Create your own shift by finding the practice or combinations that work best for you and your loved ones. This energy is tough to get rid of. Through my practices it felt like a teeth cleaning, scraping plaque from my whole body.

It is soul work. We have what it takes. We are our own healer. Heal from within.

As I have come to realize recovery and healing are the same, these practices are effective in either case. #We are all recovering from something.