Thirty Days


There are 15,000 rehab centers in the United States! Can you even wrap your head around it. 15,000! I searched constantly for the best centers to help Jack with his addiction. I started with a non-rehab, NOLS National Outdoor Leadership School. Having had ineffective experience with the thirty day rehabs with other family members, we thought having Jack in a healthy outdoor environment with motivated kids depending on each other would be a better option than rehab. It was a three month program hiking, camping, fishing. Healthy living. Well thirty days in he wrenched his knee. But that wasn’t it, I don’t believe it, his thirty day limit was up.


Most residential rehabs are thirty days and thirty to fifty thousand dollars. The model is designed to help people in crisis. Participants in some facilities can detox with medical supervision. Some centers are quite glamorous, appearing more like a resort. The good thing is the residents can not get drugs or alcohol, they eat decent meals, there are support groups and professional counseling and exercise. That’s all well and good, but the work of recovery begins when the thirty days are up.


Time and again following rehab and getting on with the job of recovery in the real world and getting on with life, the program falls short. Drugs and alcohol are available outside of the rehab walls, addicts often don’t have the life skills (especially with kids) discipline, in an unstructured environment to continue with their recovery. I have experienced terrible failure with the aftermath of residential treatment.


This isn’t about me anymore.


Today I was connected (thanks Nikki) with an amazing man and organization, Aware Recovery Care!




The Aware Recovery Care multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team for each and every client is led by an Addiction Psychiatrist and supported by a Licensed Specialty Care Coordinator, a Family Wellness Consultant Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, an Individual Therapist, and two Certified Recovery Advisors (CRATM). These highly trained in-home addiction care teams are dispatched all over the states of Connecticut and New Hampshire to deliver exceptional addiction rehab services in the home. Our care teams utilize a wide range of the latest evidence-based practices proven to our clients the very best chance of sustained long-term recovery. “


It was impossible as a working, single mother of four to manage care following residential rehab. I had no support, no time and no experience. This is incredible. Unfortunately, it is limited to New England. Need to push this concept further. If you are in the throws of addiction, check this out.