What the F@#!K

While writing my book Dear Jack, a love letter, I used my own style of writing, which is the way I speak. There is no fan fare, my vocabulary is average, my descriptions are perhaps not as flowery and refined as an experienced writer/author. So, I just wrote like me, problem is I swear a lot!

When my editor read her first pass, it was obvious she didn’t think it was necessary to swear throughout the book in every chapter, sometimes in every paragraph. I have come to a place where I have no filter. I say everything as I see and feel it. Without a filter it is possible that I may offend people. I don’t have time to tip toe around issues, so I get right to the point. My swearing to me is more of an exclamation point!!! I swear because I am passionate about what I believe, I need to be heard loud and clear and I find this helps.

Below is a link to psychology today. Hell Yes. The 7 best reasons for swearing.  I knew it.


Pain Relief  Swearing activates the “fight or flight”response, leading to a surge of adrenaline and a corresponding analgesic effect.

Power and Control  Swearing gives us a greater sense of power. We are not passive victims, we are empowered.

Non-violent retribution Swearing enables us to get back at bad actions with out violence.

Humor Swearing with friends can be hilarious.

Self-expression Swearing helps show what is important to us.

Improved psychological and physical health Health benefits include increased circulation, elevated endorphins and a sense of calm, control and well-being.

Watch Ellen and Tracee Ellis Ross on swearing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI9vvJbnlXE

So, there! I wish I didn’t take all the swearing out of my book. It was advised that I limit my choice or “curse words”

I wish I listened to my f@#!!king intuition.









    : ) I love you barb…. and the way you write I can close my eyes and hear you saying the words….. X