Healing – Workshops

Healing can take on different forms, so finding the one or combinations that are helpful may take a little trial and error.  I think it is important to ask for recommendations from friends and teachers.  Often there are scholarships available for the different options.
We all need healing.  Whether you are in active addiction, your loved one is, or healing from grief or loss, below is a starting point of options to “heal from the inside.”


A workshop is a gathering for an activity or discussion on a mutually interested topic.  There are as many options for interesting workshops as there are people.  The wonderful thing I find about any workshop is the intimate discussion.  Most are like minded people, similar interests and all on their journey of using alternatives to heal and balance themselves.

A workshop is generally a day or partial day.  They can definitely vary depending on the programming.  Please click on Resource Page for some recommendations of interesting and beneficial workshops.  You might use these ideas to search for something similar in your immediate area.


Other Healing Options