Treatment Alternatives

You’ve tried everything.  Followed the recommendations and it is not working.  That is where Jack and I ended up, nothing was working, we were desperate.  The only problem was, I was not aware of these alternatives.  It was not offered to me and Jack and we would have done anything.  These alternatives are gaining traction and are having good success.  The problem is, most are not approved by the FDA in the US. Clinics and treatment centers.  Outside of the US, some countries offer medically supervised, natural alternatives.

Ibogain treatment

Ibogaine is a natural extract from the iboga bush.  It is the most powerful psychedelic in the world, native of West-Central Africa. (Read Ibogaine Explained by Peter Frank and Eric Taub)  A basic ibogaine session lasts for two days.  For the first twelve hours the participant is alone in bed.  They appear to be in a sleep state but in fact, they are going deep inside the mind.  People report feeling like a new-born baby, pure and innocent.  Over the next day, the client’s ego will pull itself back together and function in normal life.

Ibogaine is most popular for “addiction interruption” for opiates and alcohol. Addicts can get clean without experiencing withdrawal and cravings.  It is also taken for psychological and spiritual growth, taking a person deep into their psyche to cope with unconscious trauma.

Shaman believe the iboga bush is a living spirit with it’s own intelligence.

In the US the FDA made ibogaine illegal and experiments ended in 1967.  Ibogaine is formally legal in only one country, New Zealand.  It is considered a prescription medication, ruled do to the evidence based success.  A doctor in Brazil has been working with the government to legalize as a prescription drug.  Other then the countries mentioned ibogaine is unregulated.  Clinics do use it and rarely encounter legal problems.

Ayahuasca treatment

Ayahuasca is a plant mixture found in the amazon that is capable of inducing altered states of consciousness.  Ayahuasca or “vine of the soul” has been used as a part of a spiritual ceremony, lasting four to eight hours.

Shamans use the plant to communicate with nature and to find the cause of illness on a spiritual level.  There are fascinating reports about how people have been healed from addiction and depression following one or two sessions.

Psychic medium

A psychic medium connects to spirit guides, angels and our loved ones in spirit Through clairvoyant, seeing spirit, clairsentient, sensing spirit and or clairaudiente, hearing spirit the medium connects us with spirit.  By validating the spirits presence, the medium conveys conversations, dates, favorite times together, whatever the spirit brings forward.  This type of spiritual communication can provide great comfort for those in pain and grief.


An intuitive has a “knowing.”  We all have this capability, it is tapping in to our intuition.  Taking the time to be quiet and present to tune in to the intuitive healing qualities we all have.  A professional intuitive can meet in person or over the phone and connect to spirit.  Different then a medium, the intuitive connects with the clients spirit and together they set intentions with writing and visualization and let the universe begin to open new doors.  It is deep and cleansing work.


“In Shamanism we work with clearing of entities, of self curses generationally and in past lives, residues of past lives, betrayals as weapons in the body, building homes for homeless entities when people leave their bodies, breaking aka cords, etc. We then go further to clear the house.  We teach you the use of substances like sulfur to clear spirits, perfumes and oils used by both witches and shamans to contact the spirit of plants.  We then use a plant sigil to talk to the plants without the plants present.  We teach the symbol for each plant, how to communicate with the plant with certain guidelines in ritual (17 plants).” Foster Perry

Other Recovery Options