About Jack

It is never over, we can never do enough, we need to keep trying and when it can’t be changed, the contract our souls have written is in play, accepting what is is all that is left.  That the relationship is not over, it is just beginning.  One without chaos, one without fear, one with out lies, one based in truth and love.

That’s it.  Love never dies.  The essence of our true self, our child self is what is left. The little boy, who rode a bike at two, caught a shark at five, drove a car at ten, smoked pot at thirteen, got arrested at fifteen, went to rehab at seventeen, went to college at eighteen, went to rehab again at nineteen and again at twenty, died April 1, 2015 at twenty one.  My son Jack, Jackamo.

He said to me, to remember him as a child of five, happy, amazing, loving adorable, Jack.  His true essence.  The twisted drug addict, thief and felon, died with him.  The reach is now beyond the stars.  A quest for the continued everlasting conversation with her son. We will all be together again, all on our journey home.

Jack Conroy