About Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is an island off the coast of Massachusetts just south of Cape Cod, in the Atlantic Ocean.  The island, I have found, has an enormous capacity to heal.  The long stretches of golden sand, lapping waves on the shore where much of the coast (up island, where I live) have clay ligned cliffs that appear auburn when the sun sets on them.

The island offers fresh, organic options for food.  Whether from a garden or from the farms, the rich soil produces amazing produce.  The farm animals are free range, grass fed, happy animals.  Or if fish is a preference, the fish markets and restaurants carry the local catch to compliment your meal.

My favorite restaurants include The Beach Plum Inn for brunch daily overlooking the Menemsha Harbor.  State Road Restaurant provides island grown options for dinner and Sunday brunch. A several course delicious meal is a wonderful night out at the Outermost Inn.  I always enjoy a day trip to Edgartown for lunch at the Atlantic Restaurant, which sits at the edge of the Edgartown harbor.  But if I just want to stay close to home, I walk to the Menemsha Fish Market or Larsens Fish Market and buy some steamers to go and sit outside and soak in the sea air.

There are many options and alternatives for healing on this magical island.  Healers of so many capacities practice their art on the year round residents as well as the summer folks.  Accupuncture, caranial sacrial massage, reikki, hypnotherapy and flower essence therapy and so many more healing options.  A walk on one of the many designated trails or along the ocean side may provide the healing or sense of calm so many of us need.  And Yoga! the island is a yoga mecca.

Ponds and rivers provide healing qualities as well.  Water is everywhere.  That’s why you must come by boat or air.  The ferry runs all year from Woods Hole MA and in season fast ferries run from Quonset, RI and New Bedford , MA.

Quaint hotels and bed and breakfast and also Airbnb offer comforting arrangements for a longer stay.  My favorites are up island, The Beach Plum Inn, The Menemsha Inn and Cottages or The Outermost Inn in Aquinnah.

Artistic options for healing are also plentiful.  Workshops for painting, photography, and writing are offered all year.  Cooking, horseback riding and even glass blowing and pottery are opportunities to heal ourselves.

I have found Martha’s Vineyard to be the place where I find the most comfort.  Who am I , where am I, what am I doing?

I am Barbara on my yoga mat, in my cottage, on it’s foundation, that sits on Martha floating in the ocean.